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The Importance of Cyber Security in Manufacturing

As manufacturing technology at all levels has improved, the need for improved cyber security in the manufacturing industry has grown significantly. Growing interconnection across the world in the production and distribution of goods has also brought an increase of cyber attacks in the form of ransomware, bot attacks, email compromise, system corruption, and intellectual property theft.

Because of this, cyber security is vital to all aspects of manufacturing: from protecting client and employee confidentiality, to protecting intellectual property, to preventing malware from being introduced to computer-controlled equipment, to even guarding communication between companies and their customers.

How a good platform of cyber security can protect manufacturers

There are a number of different reasons to incorporate security measures into your computer systems, networks, and computerized connections. A good cyber security system will detect and remove threats to endpoints and the larger network, protecting the ‘perimeter’. Dedicated tools can also track minor anomalies within manufacturing systems, as well as deal with cyber attacks. The most widely-used manufacturing and fabrication equipment has some aspect of computer control, putting it at risk of attack from hackers and malware.

Operational Technology systems have grown increasingly more complex too, with more devices, operations, and connections between all of these, hence the need for a good system in place to protect them. Cyber security for OT systems allows a manufacturing company to remain competitive in the global marketplace, as well as helps to ensure the safety of clients and employees alike. For precision-machined components, cyber security protects the automated equipment from malware that could cause issues with safety, quality, and performance.

If you are looking for a manufacturing company for a project, take into consideration how much they value good cyber security, as that not only could affect the quality of your product, but also the safety of your property and information.

Looking for a manufacturer that will protect your products?

Pivot Manufacturing is an AS9100 certified and NIST 800-171 compliant supplier of cutting-edge CNC manufacturing services. We implement a secure, quality management system across all of our processes in order to ensure that our customers receive quality products and services, but also to ensure that their information and ours is secure. For more information, check out our website today!