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AS9100: What it is and why it matters to you

Anyone who supplies precision machined components to the Aerospace, Aviation, or Defense industries has to be AS9100 certified. This certification is one of the first things to look for when you’re looking for an Aerospace manufacturer. But what does AS9100 mean for partners and customers?

AS9100 Certification: a quick introduction

The AS9100 certification is a version of ISO 9001 certification that was modified specifically for the Aerospace manufacturing sector. AS9100 lists out a set of internationally-recognized standards for quality management systems in Aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Due to its strict standards, AS9100 is also required for many companies in Aviation, Space, and Defense manufacturing as well, since many of its standards apply to these sectors. 

Why AS9100 matters

The Aerospace and Defense markets have unique requirements that have to be taken into account, namely much higher quality standards. A manufacturer’s quality management system is vital for ensuring that they produce components that meet those requirements. The AS9100 certification signifies that the company’s quality management system upholds the internationally- accepted standards for the Aerospace industry.

AS9100 is important for everyone involved. It provides manufacturers of Aerospace and related products with a list of guidelines to adhere to, as well as their customers, suppliers, and partners with a visible sign of their dedication to quality. Safety, reliability, and quality are vital to the Defense and Aerospace industries, and having that visible, signed indicator shows that the manufacturer understands the strict standards of these sectors. It also gives those looking for an Aerospace and Defense manufacturer a factor to look for–every manufacturer involved in the industry must adhere to these standards. 

AS9100 has many other benefits as well. Having a certified quality management system ensures that the manufacturer produces reliable, quality products safely and efficiently. It improves product marketability and profitability, and provides a set of standards for companies to continuously improve their processes and their productivity.

Pivot Manufacturing–an AS9100 certified, Hubzone Manufacturer

Pivot Manufacturing is dedicated to delivering outstanding machining and assembly services to our customers. We are AS9100 certified and versed in ITAR compliance as well. For us, certification doesn’t just stop at the moment we receive it–it’s a journey of continuous improvement, constantly reviewing and documenting best production practices in order to deliver exceptional service to our customers. For us, quality is woven into every aspect of our company. 

If you’re looking for an AS9100 certified manufacturer of in the Defense, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, and Commercial Electronics industries, check out Pivot Manufacturing today!