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Quality Certified Parts

Pivot Manufacturing is wholly dedicated to delivering outstanding, market-leading machining and assembly services. We are AS 9100-certified and well-versed in ITAR compliance. This allows us to ensure our customers receive the highest quality parts, worry-free.

To achieve the highest level of service, we invest in and maintain cutting-edge CNC milling, turning, and quality inspection equipment, then educate and empower our skilled machinists in the optimum use of these tools.

We are constantly reviewing and documenting best production practices, validating our quality through customer feedback, and incentivizing our team to remain vigilant and dedicated to delivering exceptional machining and assembly services to our customers in the:

  • Defense Industry
  • Commercial Electronics Industry
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry

Metrics that Matter

What gets measured, gets managed. That’s why we have selected and continuously monitor our performance, according to the following production metrics:

  • Percentage rate of defects
  • On-time delivery
  • Specification compliance
  • Timely customer responses

Quality Built Right In

At Pivot Manufacturing, we believe quality is more than just a quick sample check at the end of the manufacturing process. Quality must be woven into every aspect of machining if it is to be consistently realized. In our ultra-competitive manufacturing market, few companies are willing to take the time to evaluate and implement the right procedures at each stage of production. This can cause part rejection, lost production, and unreliable delivery targets.

We’ve consistently analyzed and evaluated every aspect of our manufacturing process from the beginning. This intense scrutiny has allowed us to achieve a 99% quality rate. While we recognize the increased cost of our approach, our diligent investments in time and resources have paid great dividends.

If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner that has built quality into every aspect of the manufacturing and assembly process, contact Pivot Manufacturing at 602-306-2923.