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Mechanical Assembly Services

Pivot Manufacturing offers a wide variety of efficient post-machining processes, including complete assembly services:

  • Contract Assembly Services
  • Value-Added Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Assembly Services

Outsourcing Your Mechanical Assembly Needs

When you outsource your mechanical assembly needs to us, you’ll receive several valuable benefits:

  • Ability to focus on your core functions
  • Lower logistics requirements and costs
  • Streamlined time to market

Industries Served

We provide complete machining and mechanical assembly services to many industries, including:

Flexible Robotic Conformal Coating And Dispensing System

Commercial Electronics



oil gas

Oil & Gas

Streamlined Manufacturing

At Pivot Manufacturing, we’ve always recognized the true value of time. Failure to source efficient production services can result in missed opportunities, unrealized profits, and eventual potential failure. When companies outsource their manufacturing projects to machining companies that cannot provide assembly services, they are forced to break the job into multiple parts. This path requires more management resources and results in higher production costs.

We respect your time and believe efficiency is a key differentiator. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build efficiency and convenience into every aspect of our process. By streamlining our manufacturing services and delivering a more complete end-product, we help increase your prospects for profits and success.

If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner who offers the convenience and efficiency of mechanical assembly and finishing services, contact Pivot Manufacturing at 602-306-2923.