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How to choose a HUBZone Precision Machining supplier

If you’re looking for a precision machining supplier, you may have seen the term ‘HUBZone’ around, or seen the HUBZone certification for some manufacturing companies. HUBZone is an SBA program and certification that provides economic assistance to economically depressed geographic areas.

So what is HUBZone?

HUBZone is a program created by the US Small Business Administration to assist small companies that operate and employ people in ‘Historically Under-utilized Business’ Zones, or HUB Zones. Not only does it aim to assist these companies however, but also to provide assistance to economically depressed geographic areas by supporting the small businesses there.

However, these small businesses must have their main operations within the geographic area. A third of their employees must live in the geographic zone as well. There are other criteria these businesses must follow, but these are the basic requirements.

How to choose a HUBZone Precision Machining supplier

Picking the right HUBZone supplier of precision machining services starts by knowing where to look. The best place to find a HUBZone precision machine shop is through SBA’s website. The SBA has an excellent search tool that you can use to find the exact services that you need.

When choosing between the many different precision manufacturing shops out there, the same applies to HUBZone suppliers as it does to picking any supplier of precision machining services. Look at their experience and capabilities, and make sure it matches up with your needs. Always check that the company is certified and understands the standards of the industry you’re in. And of course, make sure you talk with them about your project’s needs, get their expert feedback on the design, and ensure that they’ll be a good fit for your business.

Looking for a HUBZone Supplier of Precision Machining Services?

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